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Rotary Club of Strathroy Strategic Plan
The Directors of The Rotary Club of Strathroy held a meeting in July 2023 where we revised our Strategic Plan to establish a vision statement and identify our strategic priorities for the 2023-2024 membership year.
Together as a diverse group, we see a world where people unite to take action to create positive change across the globe, in our community, and in ourselves.
To ensure a healthy membership, the Strathroy Rotary Club has established the following 3 GOALS to be implemented, measured, and the results communicated to our members:
  1. The Membership Committee will implement a membership survey to be sent, collected and the results analyzed by Dec. 31 annually. The survey will be structured according to our Strategic Priorities. All results will be communicated to our members. Action will be taken based on the results of the survey.
  1. The Membership Committee will reach out to all members individually in person or by phone by March 2024. The purpose of this is to engage members and offer an opportunity to enhance their Rotary experience. We will look for trends and changes between survey results and results of personal interaction. The Secretary will also keep records of attendance or participation at meetings, events, fundraisers, etc. to establish a pattern of what type of meetings/events are attracting more members which will in turn assist the club in deciding their direction (ie;types of meetings, fundraisers and events that attract more members)
  1. The Club will have one fellowship event every 6 to 8 weeks which will focus more on member engagement and socializing. 
To ensure our Club is taking on projects and initiatives that have the greatest impact on the needs required in our community and the global community, we have established the following 3 GOALS:
  1. The Club will streamline and enhance its Project Assessment Guidelines which will make it easier to determine whether all potential projects meet our Strategic Priorities, Rotary’s areas of focus, and Rotary Standards. The revised guidelines will be completed by September 1st. 
  1. Three new potential / impactful projects will be identified and considered for the 2023-2024 year.
  1. A review of the existing (on-going) commitments will be done to determine validity, necessity, and continuity.
We will work to develop strategies to promote our Strathroy Rotary Club brand both internally, within our club and externally, within our community. We will provide opportunities for our members to share our brand through social media, club education, and recognition for our community partners.
  1. We will annually develop a brand awareness strategy, including social media best practices. The strategy will include education for our members on brand awareness opportunities, club communication, and celebrating our successes.
  1. To build on members’ Rotary education and knowledge, a club member will present a “Rotary Minute” at the beginning of each meeting focusing on the Rotary Monthly Area of Focus. 
The Strategic Plan will be reviewed periodically at the monthly Directors’ meeting to ensure we are on target with our set goals.